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December 19th, 2006, 02:12

There is no point insisting that graphics and depth are mutually exclusive when the devs themselves say otherwise. Take this quote from this very thread for instance:

Originally Posted by PatrickWeekes View Post
1) Art is expensive, and art for side quests is the first thing to get cut when budget stuff happens.
2) VO-dialogue and more complex NPC reactions (changing emotions, gestures, etc) make conversations more labor-intensive, which in turn make conversation-based side-quests more expensive.
Or compare the complexity of say Fallout with any modern RPG. Or how 'thin' Gothic 3's dialogues are compared to Gothic 2's. Note: the word 'thin' came out from the devs themselves. If I recall correctly they said how they sacrificed presentation and made the game 'thin' to achieve an expansive and good looking game world, obviously competing (when they didn't have to imo) Oblivion.
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