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December 19th, 2006, 02:54
Originally Posted by Lethal Weapon View Post

There is no point insisting that graphics and depth are mutually exclusive when the devs themselves say otherwise. Take this quote from this very thread for instance: …

Or compare the complexity of say Fallout with any modern RPG. Or how 'thin' Gothic 3's dialogues are compared to Gothic 2's. Note: the word 'thin' came out from the devs themselves. If I recall correctly they said how they sacrificed presentation and made the game 'thin' to achieve an expansive and good looking game world, obviously competing (when they didn't have to imo) Oblivion.
Well, again: I was talking about games in general. Not just RPGs. But even if we stick to RPGs then -going by what you said- we'd have to assume that *side quests* (what? the number of them? the number of branches? what?) somehow automagically make a game more deep or complex.
That is something that I just can not agree with. For Dhruin it's climbing. For you it's a lot of side quests. For me it's something else. See? Depth or complexity is not the same for everyone.
Regarding your Fallout example, I would immediately disagree that Fallout was complex. How? Why? OK. Great. It did have choices and consequences. So what? Does that alone make it complex? I don't think so. Compared to other games… like Diablo… yes… it's complex… but looking at Fallout "stand-alone"… nah, it's not really that complex at all.

Oh, and as far as Gothic III is concerned, you're quite wrong. Sascha Henrichs of PB wrote in this thread
"No, we have not put less emphasis on the story in favor of graphical improvements. Roughly speaking, we have five different departments in our company: Programming, story, characters/animation, graphics/art, and music. Every one of those departments is free to create a vision of what they want to achieve by the time the game is done [* note how he is regarding every department as an independent entity which happens to concur with what I said above ]. It might appear sometimes as if the story has not quite managed to keep up with the rest of the game but this is not really to blame on the story team but much more on us level designers. We simply made the world too large and to top it all off, our 3 (yes, THREE) story designers just ran out of time towards the end of development."
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