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December 19th, 2006, 03:23

Well they've said it: made the world too large and story couldn't keep up. Anyway this is not the post I had in mind. It was Mike I think who said that one of the game's major problems is that it is too thin and that the important characters are not presented properly; it is posted in WoG.

I didn't say that lots of side quests is depth (although PB seems to like lots of side quests). I was merely making an example. By generalizing my example (or other people's) you just commit a logical error.

What makes Fallout complex? The sheer amount of ways in which you can complete quests; how your choices affect the game world; multiple endings per location etc etc

But if you don't like this example take any old school RPG. You must be blind not to admit that modern RPGs have lost in complexity and instead gained in the arts department. In a similar manner strategy games lost in complexity when they became real time. The most complex strategy game of all -chess- is turn based.
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