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December 19th, 2006, 05:52
[QUOTE=Acleacius;12910]"Bingo! Now we're on the same page"
Well if that's your idea of a producer then how on earth did you get all those comments about Warren making, creating and everything else to 100% deal?
Producers organize and control funds not make/create games.*end Quote*

Now you're changing words and it's becoming very lame Acleacius, you're obviously just someone who won't admit when they're wrong. So now he's back to being a producer? He was the PROJECT DIRECTOR. Yes, obviously there was an entire team that worked on the game, just like every other modern game ever made, but he ran that team and oversaw everything they did. Not to mention that he conceived the game to begin with. If you had to label one person as the "creator" then it would be Warren Spector. If there was another human being who was more responsible for the creation of Deus Ex then why don't you name him\her?

"Do you even realize that Ken Levine had nothing whatsoever to do with Deus ex?"
Lol, are you just trying to change the subject every comment?
When did I suggest Levine worked on Deus Ex?
We were talking about Warren and SS 1, which Levine was working for Looking Glass on Thief at the time.
Were you aware of that?
If so your whole comment makes no since at all, except as a diversion attempt.

Not at all. To be honest with you I didn't know why you were bringing him up because you weren't being specific. You had said something earlier about him being on a forum(if that was really him) and commenting on Warren Spectors level of involvement on the first System Shock. Which I find that kind of odd since Ken Levine didn't work on the 1st System Shock. In fact, Ken Levine didn't even join Looking Glass until 1995, a year after SS was released.
But anyways, in the last few post his name came up without a specific game being mentioned along with it.

"No, but Google and Yahoo don't pull up the exact same things."
Not because something exist or doesn't exist only due to different procedurals, which since most of the evidence including Warren’s own bio suggest you are just not up to date on info and Google seems more efficient, since you would have posted something substantial if you had found it on Yahoo. *END QUOTE*

I happen to think Yahoo is more efficient, but that's just a matter of opinion. Did you want me to post links? I mentioned earlier that I could do that if you wanted me to.

" Not sure if that paragraph is taken from an interview or an article but it pretty much sums up what I've been saying."

This is my opinion not an excerpt of an interview.

"f that sentence doesn't reflect who the head guy was, than nothing will."
Lol, you are defiantly changing your position.
Either you don't know or didn't know what an Producer is (hey don't feel bad no one is born with knowledge we all have to learn it) because earlier you were claming he made, created games and had creative input on Dues Ex games yet when I ask you seem to avoid answering my questions and I am trying to answer yours On the Merit. *END QUOTE*

I'm the one who should be LOL. How am I changing my position? I've been saying from the very beginning that Warren Spector was the main person behind Deus Ex. A fact that, for some strange reason you seem determined to argue about. Yet the funny thing is, you haven't given any names of anyone else to support your debate. If it wasn't Warren Spector then who was it? Like I said above, if there is someone more responsible for the creation Deus Ex then who was it? This entire time you have yet to mention any names other than Harvey Smith who was simply one of the designers that worked under Spector.

You can call him whatever you want, producer, director, etc, etc. He was the main person behind the creation of that game, a fact that only you are arguing about.

Like I suggested before, why don't you take your denial over to the Deus Ex forum at the TTLG forums and post there. See what you come up with.
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