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December 19th, 2006, 10:16
"My tortured chain of reasoning on Xana goes something like this"
I understand what you mean and I agree with the current and past intentional subjugation of women especially by Religions and Governments, I disagree the chain of progressions.
Instead of the "songs, music videos, novels, conversation, advertising, pornography, film, prose, poetry, and yes, even games" being Culture they are actually just representative of our Culture and very much based on social structure of communication.
Since songs and music predated the written word, this is how people communicated learning what was happening in foreign lands like the next county, pre Gutenberg.

It has only been Government and Religion whom have subjugated us all man, woman and child of any race or culture and to my knowledge post Gutenberg first western culture book to speak of equal rights for all men and women of any race or culture whom try to free us from the shackles of Government and Religion was by a corset maker.

"Never has the sun shone on a cause more worthy. This is not the affair of a city, a district, a province or a kingdom: this concerns a continent—at least an eighth of the habitable Earth. This matter does not concern a day, a year, an age: posterity will be influenced by this struggle and will be touched by these events until the end of time. Now is the hour to establish the unity of a continent, truth and honor. The smallest error would be like a name scratched into the tender bark of a young oak, the wound grows with the tree and posterity reads the sign full-sized."

You seem to be blaming the byproduct of civilization or construct not the designers of the subjugation, civilization can and will exist without these shackles, one day.
I think it's easy to get confused in this day and age where Corprate Marketers use Media to influence and change cultures, which is relatively recently if scaled with the evolution of societies.
This makes things much harder now we have a third player, a third corruptor so never give up and always keep your eye on the prize.

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power."
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