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December 19th, 2006, 11:09
" So now he's back to being a producer? "
Lol, well of course, we keep talking about different games and he has held different positions, with so unusual about that?
You will have to pick on game if you want to focus on one postion he had, simple.
Of course none of them have included omni-conceptual designer as you tend to think.

"Not to mention that he conceived the game to begin with."
Really which game is this?
I don't want to try to cover every game he has worked on.

"To be honest with you I didn't know why you were bringing him up because you weren't being specific"
Well he worked there at the same time I thought, though thanks to your pointing out he wasn't there during the production of SS1.
He did comment on this very subject and was working with all those people, now one thing I can't prove, though I believe (haven't had time to research it) Levine was friends with one or more of the guys working there and is how he found his way to LG, so my idea is that he was actually in touch about LG and knew things before he was actually a legal employee iir, which is why I mentioned him.
Not to mention the Zen like fusion since he is pertinent to this thread in other ways.

Since Wiki is the only one that list Warren as Designer and is editable by many people it's a culmination of information, so has a tendency to be incorrect occasionally.
Now take this Mobey Games it's been around run by gamers for at least 7 year maybe 10 and only focuses on games.

I may have to load to game, since I do have it though I am very comfortable at this point Warren was an outside producer, there just isn't any object information to suggest any different, atm.
I am glad Hindukönig remembered about Thief not that I mind playing it when I am interested but I hate having to install a game just for a scrap of information when I have other games I am in the middle of completing.

"I've been saying from the very beginning that Warren Spector was the main person behind Deus Ex"
Well that’s not all you been saying but, you have been very general at some points claiming he does everything, all I have been trying to do is be accurate with his positions at different companies on different games.

As I mentioned he was project/studio director oversight for Deus Ex , obviously the Lead Programmer Chris Norden and the 5 designers Marshall Andrews, Ricardo Bare, Monte Martinez, Steve Powers, Robert White not to mention John Romero whom chose to hire Warren to run the studio here in Austin to giving him the talented people whom created the game under Warren's directorship, that's whom and how I give credit as accurately as possible.
I would mention Harvey but believe (maybe incorrectly) he was responsible for much of what held Deus Ex back in his position as Lead Designer.

You are more than welcome to post any links you would like, if you have some info you want to share, certainly I enjoy learning factual information especially about games I care about.
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