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December 19th, 2006, 10:35
Yes, I saw that as well, problem is that I can't get the Pre-paid cards for EQ here in Dublin

I've hit lvl 30 now with my elven Hunter, and levelled up several alts to over lvl 10, but am starting to find the game rather repetative. So I nagged hubbie until he grabbed a copy for himself (nothing like sharing the pain, is there? ) and we've been playing together. That has been more fun, but he's not really sold either, the "Kill 20 rats for 7 tails" quests turn him off, after playing Guild Wars for so long.

at the moment I can't see either of us renewing WoW after my prepaid card run out (his first free month). It is fun in the beginning, but once things (levelling, gaining new skills and so on) slow down, all there is is the "kill 10 orcs and collect their ears" quests
Truth to tell, I can't see EQ2 being different, maybe we should look into playing some singleplayer games coop…
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