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December 19th, 2006, 11:41
"Games and movies are totally different media."
"Games and movies are an audio/visual experience with games having just one more component which is user input."
You seem to be contradicting yourself and agreeing with me, though.
Maybe I wasn't specific enough and certainly never suggested that Golfers would become tennis players, well unless they RPG one in a PC tennis game.

I was trying to mention the fusion of technology which was spawned from the movie industry to the game industry because games are the next evolution in Media due to the interactivity.
In 10 years certainly games and game technology will have take vast majority of movie revenues, especially in the entertainment and educational venues.

Of course better graphics do matter but aren't necessary, who wouldn't take the exact same game maybe 10 years old with much more modern graphics?
Why then are maybe Ultima games being remade and countless others when it's possible?

Hell if it wasn't for the bastards at EA System Shock 2 would be updated now with another newer engine.
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