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December 19th, 2006, 23:02
Originally Posted by Lethal Weapon View Post

Well they've said it: made the world too large and story couldn't keep up.
Erm… back to basics for a minute… the point that we (or I at least) was arguing about was that I find it silly of people to say that developers intentionally prioritize shiny graphics over the complexity of their game. That's why the advancement in graphics and the "dumbing down" of games should be viewed as independent entities with no causal interrlation IMHO.
The above statement has absolutely nothing to do with that. Yes. They made the world too large and ran out of time to fill it with content. How does that have anything to do with the topic that we were discussing? Look at what Sascha Henrichs of PB said. He said that they did not prioritize graphics over story. Sorry that he's supporting my view but that's his fault, not mine .

Anyway this is not the post I had in mind. It was Mike I think who said that one of the game's major problems is that it is too thin and that the important characters are not presented properly; it is posted in WoG.
Yep. He said that. So what? How does it contradict anything that I said? How does it contradict the statement of Sascha Henrichs? It doesn't. It doesn't say anywhere that art/graphics or making the game shiny was the culprit that "stole" the resources or time away that was needed for the story. PB Mike gave other reasons in his posts (among them that a few of those design decisions regarding the NPCs and story were made 100% intentional BTW).

But if you don't like this example take any old school RPG. You must be blind not to admit that modern RPGs have lost in complexity and instead gained in the arts department.
Hehe… once again I'm the wrong target here. Not only do I "admit" that modern RPGs have lost in complexity and gained in the arts department but I have effectively written a little essay about just that very topic above . All I'm saying is that these both things are not interrelated IMHO. Yes, both things happen but for totally different reasons and I find it silly of people to yell at developers for graphical advancements in games. It's a natural progression that graphics get better but to construe a relationship between better graphics and less complexity seems very questionable to me. That was my point.
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