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December 19th, 2006, 23:43
"Pre-paid cards for EQ here in Dublin "
Do you have a friend in another city or country, whom will send you one?
They are about $15 US, iir.

"I can't see EQ2 being different, "
You are proabably right, though I can't say for sure since I never played WoW.
I know that there are some more completcated quests for more valuable items, which sometimes require you to get help, but are mostly for the most valuable items.
I know many people play WoW and say it's fun but I am not sure it's fun because the quest are easier allowing your to do more of them though I would imagine they are similar, as well.
The only thing besides the years of content, better crafing (I hear), houses would be the graphics.
It's a good looking game while many don't have to have the best graphics, it's a nice addition for a game to be better looking.

NWN 2 is the newest Coop game, I can't recall from the thread if you played NWN 1 but it would have the most content, atm.
Next on the list is the very buggy Dungeon Lords, though they did release a CE that reportedly fixes many problems, it like so many games recently was rushed out too soon, possibly a year too early in this case.
It can be a fun game with friends if your not taking it too seriously, though mostly a Hack and Slash most quest (if fixed) are great but they are acceptable.
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