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December 20th, 2006, 00:11
Yes, I played NWN through several times, but hubbie is not into it at all, he holds a grudge against D&D from his P&P days I think He hates all the rules and restrictions, I believe.
I have NWN2 myself, but am waiting for it to get patched a bit more for reinstalling.
(Hubbie won't even install 2 on his PC)

I had the Dungeon Lords CE in my hands a while ago, but didn't pick it up, and picked up NWN2 instead. I wish now I'd picked up Dungeon Lords CE and left NWN2 for a few months, I might have gotten it cheaper I looked for DL CE last week in town, but ofcourse they didn't have it anymore, maybe after christmas it will be in again.

If i really wanted to I could ask one of the guys at the local Game to order in the cards for me, I just wish I hadn't already used up my EQ2 trail-time a little while ago, when I chose to go for guild Wars instead.

Over christmas we won't be able to play together a lot anyway with the little one at home and staying up late, maybe we'll manage to pick up something nice in the January saless
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