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December 20th, 2006, 01:38
Originally Posted by Jake View Post
My tortured chain of reasoning on Xana goes something like this. She is portrayed as evil incarnate alongside of her aggressive sexuality. Reverse this and you have goodness equated to submissive or nonexistent sexuality (depending on your take on the opposite of aggressive).
Or non-existent? Hmm. Speaking for myself, I'd want to see positive evidence for Leanna's submissive virginhood before hanging Arkane for misogyny. Finding confirmation of your theory in both its presence or absence strikes me as eating your cake and having it. Your standard of evidence may differ, of course. Neither is Xana who you think she is. The demons of Ashan are the principal antagonists and creatures of chaos, but they're not evil. Xana never exhibits cruelty or malice. It's not obvious to me that players will find Leanna the more appealing of the two and come to expect her behaviour from their womenfolk. At the very least, Xana's much more interesting. Leanna's a cipher. A signpost to your next objective.
Donít get me wrong, I donít think we need to err on the side of overreaction here.
Then we only disagree on where to draw the line of overreaction. Personally, I'd put it in front of the term misogynist. To come away from the game with the wrong idea about women, you'd have to misunderstand the character of Xana, impute to Leanna a trait not present (in my opinion) in the character as written, and then draw a dubious conclusion about their relative merits. For people not predisposed to look for this virgin/whore pattern, I'd say it's unlikely enough to stop short of throwing around that rather serious accusation. That's all.
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