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December 20th, 2006, 06:56
Sorry, Mo. I still completely disagree. I only used climbing as a broad example - I don't really care if climbing is in a specific game at all.

When Sascha said they didn't prioritise graphics over story, I'm sure he is right in the context he means it. But, in a broader context (and I can pull quotes from people like BioWare's David Gaider pretty easily) a whole bunch of ideas never even make it close to implementation because the technical lead ruled them out as impractical in the first place. So, they didn't deliberately prioritise the graphics but they knew from the outset that they were aiming for a certain (high) level of graphics and that meant automatic limits on the production of art assets.

A simple example. If you have text-only dialogue, it's going to take "X" hours for the designers to create the dialogue trees. Add advanced facial emotions/animations and you immediately add more expense - someone has to implement it. That expense will always put limits on the dialogue trees.
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