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December 20th, 2006, 10:37
Obsidian's Rob McGinnis has posted a partial look at the upcoming v1.04 patch for NWN2 at the official forums. It's a little long this is just the General section:
There are a lot of fixes in 1.04, but to give you a little insight, I have smuggled this list out and am posting it for you.. shhhhh.. don't let the rest of Obsidian know:

Version 1.04
New Features


• Voice Menu
---Users can now press the Voice Menu key (‘Ví by default) to activate a menu from which they can quickly access frequently used voice commands and emotes. Users can drag these to the hotbar, as well.
• Added support for bindable keys to change the hotbar page.
• You can now drag and drop buttons from the Mode Bar and Quick Cast Menu onto the Hotbar. This will also work for Spontaneously Converted spells.
• Players now have the option to turn on a second horizontal hotbar and 2 vertical hotbars.
• Users can now select in the options menu whether or not they want left click and hold in Driving Camera to move the character or mouselook.
• All combat modes can now be triggered instantly, except for Parry, Rapid Shot, and Flurry of Blows, which are deferred until the beginning of the next round.
---Your pending combat modes are now displayed on the action queue UI, with a countdown ticker, tooltip, and mouse click support.
---You can now toggle of and off a pending combat mode.
---Combat modes are no longer turned off for party members at the end of their combat round.
• Trees throughout the game should look better as many of the tree textures and models have been revamped to be more visually appealing.
• Localized versions of the NWN1 sounds used in the game have been added to their respective languages.
• Several new loading screen tips have been added to v1.04.
More information.
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