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December 21st, 2006, 02:41
OK, then we might have to agree to disagree . On a final note, I'd say though that there should be absolutely nothing preventing even a David Gaider and BioWare from making a deep and complex game with awesome graphics *if* those guys would stop aiming for producing boring epics and if they would instead focus on creating shorter, richer, deeper, more meaningful games with a more compact world filled with life.

Also, let us not forget that game development is constantly evolving. Middleware like SpeedTree for example removes the necessity to handcraft every bush and every tree so despite the general increase of work that must be put into the art, there are on the other hand definitely advancements in technology that help reduce the work load. Whether the in-house tools of a developer, the middleware or whatever other advancements manage to outweigh the increased demand for HQ art assets… I dunno. Lack of insight here, admittedly.

However, I'm 100% sure that it wouldn't be too hard to create an awesome looking *and* deep and complex RPG with proper project management and if you're flexible in the goals that you want to achieve, i.e. maybe a company should not begin development with a firm commitment to creating a 100+ hour epic but instead focus on the core game and see how it goes from there.

Finally, I'm also very certain that the advancements in technology will eventually lead to (the possibility/the potential of) deeper and more complex games. Why? Well, I can't wait for physics to get properly implemented in games. That alone is going to add a whole new dimension to games with an awesome potential for a richer gameplay experience. Just think about the possibilities of physics coupled with features from the Portal game that is currently in development by/for Valve.
That potential just needs to be used. That's the only problem. No one is daring to use it because of the fear of failing in the "mass market" department.
Luckily there are still a few games that prove that deep/complex games do have a chance to be profitable (like Company of Heroes or NWN 2 if we consider the underlying ruleset as reason enough to call it complex). Publishers just need to take more chances but that's easy for me to say since it's not my millions of $$$ that are getting flushed down the toilet if betting on the wrong horse .
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