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December 21st, 2006, 09:06
I saw this review earlier and if you can get it $20 you'll defianlty happier with it, though that will take at least 6 months maybe a year, especially if they can get the MP fixed which just got patched today.
It's very easy to recognise his input as Arkaine's Stealth in Arx was ok for their first attempt.
Here is my comment about the Rope Bow in DM from another thread.
"I don't mean some pale imitation, we are talking superior here in everyway.
Can't deside if it had me ready to weep for joy at what I was seeing or weep for sorrow of what Thief 3 could have been", not to mention the Greatest Backstab to date, it's just wickedly good.

Randy is rather brilliant Stealth Action guy, yet his brother Harvey whom did DX2 seems to be stuck in a "Console Vortex" that eats away at his brain if doesn't have a console controller in his hands he doesn't even use a keyboard anymore.
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