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December 21st, 2006, 22:52

Don’t you love how any sufficiently interesting argument will eventually tread into “meaning of life” territory? I wholeheartedly agree with you that Government and Religion are the origin of Subjugation. I could even jump to conclusions by thinking you’ve read some of Daniel Quinn's or Richard Dawkin’s books recently Yes, culture was originally propagated almost entirely by song (and other oral media). But I would ask you the question, what is culture made out of?

I would answer the above question by saying nearly everything is culture. In my opinion, the only aspects of humanity that aren’t cultural are Darwinian. For instance, the desire to reproduce is Darwinian, while the desire to pierce your ears to attract a mate is cultural. The desire to eat meat over lettuce is Darwinian, while the desire to eat a Subway sandwich over a Big Mac is cultural. In one sense, I can see the distinction between Cooperate Media changing culture in a aggressive and intentional way while culture used to change in a slower and more evolutionary way. However, I would argue that some percentage of cultural change has been intentional since sentience: day one. For instance, the medicine women decides one day that its in everyones best interest to have a big feast in the midst of winter to keep the tribe’s spirits up. So, she invents the winter solstice celebration. This eventually merges with Christian holidays and becomes Christmas. Next, it merges with Corporate culture and becomes the shopping season. Culture certainly changes faster than ever before, but I feel like this is more a product of the speed and ease of communication than the intentions of cultural movers.

That’s a great sense of optimism you have there, Acleacius I also hope we can one day look back on the shackles of Corporatism and Religion with a cheerful smile, saying, “glad we didn’t go down that road.”


I agree with you that misogynist is a very strong term. However, the other words I could have thrown in there like stereotypical, or sexist, didn’t seem strong enough to me. As a poet, I’ve trained myself to keep an eye out for the terms that are unique, strong, and not clichéd. The two s-words are so overused that they now mean almost nothing; while misogynist tends to bring out the pitchforks. Connotation is very important to a writer, and a constantly moving target.

I love how RPGwatch has this forum set up for such easy anonymous posting. Very cool. Your Captcha system appears very robust. Does anyone know if that is a custom design, or is it open sourced somewhere?




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