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December 23rd, 2006, 04:06
Many of the newer anti-virus and firewalls block game startup. I've found the main culprit to be email scanning in the AV, but a firewall can cause it too.

Bootup in safe mode and see if the game will start…..it prolly will. After that go into msconfig and disable the AV startup…leave the firewall alone then boot normally. Your AV will not be working, so act accordingly. See if the game will run now. If it does, you know it was part of the AV. If it does'nt run, disable the firewall from starting up…….you are simply trying to figure out which is the cause.

AVG has an email scanner service that had to be stopped for Gothic to run on my PC. Kaspersky also gave me trouble with Gothic until I found the culprit. Once you know EXACTLY which service is causing the problem, you can shut it down in task manager and play…..or set the correct permissions.
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