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December 26th, 2006, 19:17
Read here my wireless wanting friend:


In essence speed shouldn't be an issue, I say go for it. As far as HW goes, just make sure that you have the proper standards. G is the current standard, B and A are out, and N will eventually replace G. You could try and stay ahead of the curve and get a pre-N card but from what I've seen they cost more and wouldn't provide any incremental benefit with a G router. My guess would be that you have a G router so obtaining a G card would make the most sense. My work station is hardwired to my router, all other computers are wireless. For ease in setting up the network start off with a wire. Once the router is configured correctly you can add in computers at will. Lock down the router, copy the encryption key, and broadcast your SSID. This makes connecting other PCs very easy. If you are really paranoid you can set your router to stop broadcasting your SSID once each PC is connected. If you experience any issues hardwire back to your source and go to the manufacturer's website. Linksys for instance, has a utility that can trouble shoot any wireless connection issues. Finally, if any of your PTP programs are having connection issues it is most likely your router's HW firewall. Type your router's IP into a browser and set an exception for your PTP programs. That’s pretty much it, if any of your torrent client programs require port-forwarding search Wiki for some help, port-forwarding takes a little effort; more than any post here should cover. If anyone here finds any errors or omissions in my post please correct them.
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