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December 27th, 2006, 16:28
The problem with Troika was that they needed to make make mass-market games, but wanted to make games that didn't have mass-market appeal. The failure of Bloodlines (or any of their games) should come as no surprise. Spector had already stuck his toe in the water with Deus Ex and found it to be luke-warm. The mass-market wants levels and motion sensing, with a bit of ecchi thrown in (motion sensing ecchi, even.) Causality is the place they go when they have an accident with the chainsaw or the BBQ. When Half-Life 2 can be lauded for "emergent" gameplay in the popular press, where does that leave Bloodlines? Virtual reality?

The greater arse-hat media will continue to write obituaries for game developers with ideas for as long as they keep aligning themselves with the three-card-monte scam that publishers are currently engaged in.
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