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December 27th, 2006, 17:14
That was a nice article. I looked forward intensely to all of Troika's games and I was seriously disappointed when they went under. At least they never had the opportunity to piss off their fans and soil their name by making an MMO, which would have been an utter disaster.

I still think that there's a profitable business model for niche-ish games like what Troika made. I think that the decisions that their publishers made pushing them out the door too early could be classified as "penny wise and dollar stupid". Who knows how profitable both ToEE and Vampire could have been if both games had a couple months of bug squashing before release? Didn't Arcanum sell something like 250,000 copies? Not bad for a game developed by a tiny team. There must not have been much cost to recover. Also, Vampire came out the same day as Half-Life 2. That was just asking for disaster. That game should have been released in 2005 when there was no competition.
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