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December 27th, 2006, 19:39
Nice overview of Troika. I think he got ToEE confused with POR2 on the hard-drive wiping, tho. ToEE was a definite bugfest, but I never heard of anyone's hard-drive being wiped.

Looking back, Anderson says, "Publishers aren't interested in games from developers that consistently turn out B titles. Unfortunately, although our games had depth and vision, we were never able to release a game that had been thoroughly tested and rid of bugs. The large quantity of errors in our product automatically rendered them B titles."
I beg to disagree--I hope the members of Troika can take away a sense of having succeeded at the most important level--creating "A level" gameplay regardless of bugs that would make most people use the game cds as coasters. That at least 1 or sometimes all 3 of their games commonly turn up on the Top Ten CRPG lists floating around the internet speaks louder than the whims of idiotic publishers IMO.
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