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December 28th, 2006, 12:15
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
I probably never would have finished Morrowind had it not been for my random paranoia saves.

Very True, I save around every 5 minutes in morrowind, and back up my saves at the end of a session.

I believe I should be able to save where and when I want. I hardly ever reload, exept when I die. I defenitely won't reload for loot or dialog options, I have to say.

As for Roqua's "Anytime saves are for women", maybe he's right. For women and people with actual lifes.
I'm sorry, but Fable really turned me off with the Save system (well, not just that, but that's beside the point here), especially once I had to do the arena fights, I never made it past those.
I want to be able to save and exit whenever it suits me. I can't delay dinner, not pick up the kids, tell the little one to get lost when she wants to play snakes and ladders, and so on, just because I have to find the next Save point! No, I need to be able to save wherever I want, whenever I want, so I can pick up where I left, else I'll never finish a game.

I suppose it is one of the main reasons I just can't get into console gaming, I hate having Save points forced on me.

A system like Diablo's annoys me as well, and I keep making seperate backups. I suppose I've had so many corrupted saves with games like Morrowind, that I am weary of having just 1 Save in a game.
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