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December 28th, 2006, 14:14
nowadays are awfully buggy, and at times they crash,
I said saving done right, this means that the game always saves but there's no loading. Thus on a crash you continue where you left off. Bugs however makes this feature impossible especially game breaking bugs… but I don't think a newly realeased game should have that amount of bugs… and having this system would force them to release the games in a better shape.

With saving done right, I also don't mean replaying an entire part when you die! Nor do I mean ironman, that is only for the really hard-core players.

When you die in Ultima 7, you start in a chapel and you even get on a new story-line…… in other games you get to go to a kind of netherworld were you can find items not possible to find at other places. Upon completing this "world" you get back to where you were in the game… however you might lose some XP or items etc. The idea of having to replay the exactly same large part over and over is not fun in most RPG's. I am talking about handling this in the right way!

By the way I find Roqua funny… not really insulting.
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