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December 28th, 2006, 15:38
Gas Powered Games's Dungeon Siege series is one of the most derivative franchises in all of gaming. This guy really has no business claiming that PC gaming needs to go to new places and that we need new experiences instead of just churning out the old ones with revised graphics.

I'm extremely cynical about this Games for Windows business. I haven't seen anything substantive come out of it yet. Microsoft is still pushing the X-Box 360 over the PC. I heard about this Games for Windows initiative during E3 this year. It was maybe 2 weeks later that I heard Peter Moore on a podcast bragging about how great it was that you could play real time strategy games on an X-Box 360 and therefore, you don't need a PC to do it anymore. Microsoft has nearly killed PC gaming with the X-Box.

When Vista launches, the only notable "launch title" for it will be Halo 2, a 2+ year old port from horribly outdated hardware that's over five years old now. If Vista were a gaming console, it would have the worst launch library in the history of consoles.
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