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December 28th, 2006, 18:00
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
Maybe this was a failure a communication. When I said women I meant those that are weak of mind and body, the sissy pansies, which includes a majority of the population of men. Especially those that save/reload a lot or drink flavored coffee or mixed drinks and use hair products. Maybe if I just used the term girl you wouldn’t have found any offense in my statement?
You clearly don't get it - associating weakness of mind and body with any particular gender, race or other such generalization is demonstrably wrong. The failure is entirely yours.

Originally Posted by roqua View Post
And if sexist remarks are for the small minded, what are regular insulting remarks like yours for, the intellectuals?
Actually, I made the obvservation that sexist remarks, racist remarks and other such things are the hallmarks of those small-minded individuals without intellectual prowess to form an actual argument, and that by using such remarks you give appearances that tie you to such individuals.
-- Mike
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