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Default NWN2 - First Impressions

December 28th, 2006, 23:37
Having received this game as a gift, here are my impressions thus far -

* Every time I play the game (fully patched), it screws up my anti-virus software so I have to shut my computer off "twice" before it actually fully shuts down.

* Very linear.

* Why use healing potions when you can just rest your characters after each fight?

* Spells are darn near worthless as you can only cast them once per fight & those are the spells that you have to "memorize".

* If everything is 3D, why not have a 1st person mode?

This game is dangerously coming close to leaving my HD. For myself, the biggest strike against NWN2 is the linearity. If I had wanted to play on a track, I'd get an FPS. As bad as everyone says that Oblivion is, that game just popped back onto my "If cheaper then normal, then buy" list.




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