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December 29th, 2006, 03:34
About the four party system, I'd have to agree.

In the first NWN they only had one additional party member and typically worked well in all of the situations. I found with NWN2 that there's a constant reliance on switching between each member, rather than focusing on your own character - which is a fair critism in my opinion. And I think the AI problems found in NWN2 sort of hurt any possibility of having a successful four party system. Personally, I thought it was a bit of step back for the series.

I suppose the original was sort of in the same boat as NWN2 (where the backing of the community is going to be important) but I found NWN2 was released in a fairly crappy state. That's why it's hard to review a game like this, because we all known that possibly in another four-five months there's going to be plenty of additional campaigns to dive through, but the problems are there and I suppose the game deserves the critism it receives.




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