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December 29th, 2006, 04:15
so your religion believes in vampires? aren't there some games like oblivion where you can get turned into a vampire? if that happened would you box up the game and return it?

ok i know this is a stretch but many people would say if they became para or quadraplegic they would rather die then continue living that way. once it happens to you though you see things much differently though. if you go along with the notion that vampires exist and that 'it happens' to you without your consent much like any other disease or crippling event then becoming one is no more evil or heretical than anything else. its what you do after that life changing event that determine your humanity/morality. a person who is confined to a wheelchair becomes humbled and many people would react to that differently. obviously in the case of vampirism you gain things in addition to losing some but you still must make choices. besides i don't see how playing a vampire is any more heritical to ones belief than playing an elf that kills other elves or drarves, etc.etc.
and if it helps put your mind at ease corwin you start the game as a human! just pretend it is called 'night life in la'
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