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December 29th, 2006, 04:54
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Also, I have some resentment about being in the middle of a slew of bugs in ToEE, and everyone at Troika just abandoning that game to finish Bloodlines--as I recall, they had one poor guy trying to do a patch(Steve Moret, I think) on his own time while they chased the dollar with another game they couldn't make properly. If not for the Circle of Eight efforts, ToEE wouild still be virtually unplayable. It just turned me off to the whole thing.
Let me preface the following comments by saying I understand your perspective from a consumers point of view and this isn't an attack on you…

…but what exactly were they supposed to do? Here's a quote from Linoleum on QT3 who used to work at Troika:
There was a patch done between GM and release, but if Activision hadn't authorized upping the Vampire headcount allowing the ToEE team to get rolled in, they would have all been laid off within a couple weeks of the game hitting shelves.
So, Troika has just spent nearly seven years in a constant crunch mode trying to stay on top of things and is essentially out of money -- they're just about to lay everyone off. Activision saves the day (just…for a while) but they have paid for the staff to be working on Bloodlines, so they can't work on ToEE, which is Atari's project. They're in "crunch mode" working 12-18 hour days, so there's no time to take a week off and work on ToEE…in actual practice, who and how was the patch supposed to be done? And how could they not take the Bloodlines money to keep the staff employed rather than laying them off?

Keep in mind that Troika didn't invent ToEE and go shopping for a publisher…Atari came to them and contracted them for a project. It's Atari's thing at the end of the day -- Troika didn't own the IP or even the usage rights. That doesn't mean Troika doesn't have any responsibility -- they do -- but that's between them and Atari to sort out. Atari are the ones that own the rights, contracted the job and sent it out to retail for you to buy.
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