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December 29th, 2006, 10:14
you are entitled to your beliefs and i apoligize if i was infringing on them. i still am confused though as how playing as a human that gets turned into a vampire and must deal with his disease/curse/blessing affects what you believe but if you say so i'll just have to take your word. are demons off your menu list for games as well? pagans? i'm simply curious and would like to avoid insulting you in future cases based on my own views.

an interesting moment occured earlier: i noticed that in medieval total war 2, which i went back to playing yesterday after taking a break from nwn2 where i had just gotten my stronghold: that priests who gain the attribute of open-minded' are given a +1 to unorthodoxy. after a few points are gained in unorthodoxy they are likely to turn into a heretic even if they have a high pious attribute. now i'm not trying to tell you what to believe corwin or say you have a 'closed' or 'open' mind just stating the probably obvious relization that either extreme is bad. but one of the biggest 'heretics' in modern religion was martin luther and he is also one of the biggest 'heros' to many christians, obviously excluding catholics.

another note about bloodlines you could play it without feeding almost entirely and use only melee and guns being just your average 'killer' if wanted to though it might be a bit tough.

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