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December 30th, 2006, 05:05
The game looks boring to me. I liked Sacred 1, although I never finished. It was nice to play on a network with my kids. But the whole sword & sorcery theme is getting stale for me. I think The Witcher may be my last fantasy purchase.

I'd like more RPGs in different times, or with a different cast of characters. I'd like world environments that do not even have the same properties as our world. Gravity? Cellular growth? Evolution? Hmm.

An RPG that takes place in a modern world like ours, but with the understanding that there are a dozen "monster" races that do things like eat us, would make for fun gameplay. I'd love to run down a killer zarfan beast with my SUV. Or what about an RPG in a society where murder is a legal solution for any grief? What kind of warped conversations would you have with people? How weird would it be to experience your own mother sitting you down and telling you that they intend to kill your sister because she's a bit bratty? Can you negotiate? If not, do you save your sister? What if your sister accepts her death, and now wants to kill you for disobeying your parents?

What about a world where religious concepts never existed? The word "heaven" doesn't exist. Nothing good is ever called "heavenly." Undead & ghosts do not exist. Otherworldly power is a concept that is foreign and strange. No clerics, no worship. What would that society look like?

Anyway, sorry I got off on a tangent. I'm tired of swashbuckling games, and wondering about alternatives to "more of the same."
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