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December 30th, 2006, 05:13
Great thread, made me realize I never actually asked myself what I liked most plus it got me to remember so many memorable moments playing those games, thanks!

1. Fallout 2 (despite crap begining at Arroyo and Klamath, the atmosphere, the music, the sense of freedom, and oh so many memorable moments, everything that made Fallout 1 a great experience in "bigger and better"… oh give me a kiss to build a dream on… and my imagination…)
2. Fallout 1 (the game that really hooked me into video games… C64 Asteroids or Pac Man were fun but didn't turn me into a video game junkie like Fallout did)
3. Planescape: Torment (deep, strange, different, unique, all the things that sets it aside make me love it, what other game gets you to have a hilarious rude floating skull as companion!)
4. BG2 ("big", "everything an RPG can possibly have", your classic "damsel in distress", your classic plot surprise "who's really Bodhi?", your classic unforgettable quotes "understand this as you die, ever pathetic, ever fool!" by remarkably voice acted Sir Jonlet Irenicus himself, and so on… but there's just something about the story, about the atmosphere that wasn't dark, unique or special enough for me to put it above Fallout or Ps:T)
5. Kotor2 (preferred it over the first because of the darker, self-introspective story, I guess it reminded of me Fallout and Planescape: Torment)
6. Kotor1 (one of the greatest plot twist in a video game and use of the SW franchise)
7. Neverwinter Nights 2 (because i'm kind of anticipating how great of a game it will be once I'll be able to to retrospectively look at all the community developed to enhance it)
8. Arcanum (unique, deep, strange, different but not as much as Ps:T)
9. Baldur's Gate 1 (when it came out it was probably among my 3 all-time all-genre favorite games but for some reasons, 8 years later, it's not that memorable so I'm only putting at 9th, perhaps is it because of BG2 that out-bested it in every way ?)
10. Vampire: Bloodlines yet another superb unique game with a unique atmosphere delivered by Cain/Boyarsky/Anderson, character facial emotions had me remembering Shady Sands' village leader or Killian in Fallout 1 : the first time I ever experienced emotions on a face in a video game : they would turn to angry when you said something displeasing, it may sound stupid, but in 1997 that was something for me… don't forget everything started with Asteroids Pac Man Tetris and such, we came a long way

My true 10th would be JA2 but I don't really know whether it's "RPG" enough
I actually think my top 10 is more a matter of my favorite "atmospheres" rather than "games", with Fallout as number one atmosphere, then Planescape: Torment, then Baldur's Gate, then Kotor, then every other rather.
Kotor might be a better "game" than Ps:T but Ps:T was, beyond the game stricto sensus, a better "experience", in the end I think that's what dictates the choices in my top 10.
And I guess the fact I ran a Fallout and a Ps:T fansite make me partial towards em
Anyways, if I wanted just "fun", just a "great game", i'd still be playing Asteroids, Pac Man or SNes Super Mario Bros. Of all the words I can think of to describe Fallout, "fun" isn't among them, "funny" sometimes, but definitely not "fun", the begining of both was actually quite tedious. CRPGs aren't just games, they're an "intellectual experience", that is, that's how I love em
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