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December 30th, 2006, 10:19
I hate to say it but theese videos did not make me that impressed.
Granted, the primary aspect they show off is the animation of Sera, which might not be important for the game. My issue is that the movements looks very unnatural/amateurish, mostly thanks to the models animation do not match the model's movement across the ground.

In the dungeon and Zeltdorf movie the Sera model moves around in circles at a high pace, but she is not twitching or alternating her moves to strike which creates an artificial feel. Instead you see her feet sliding over the ground when there's just no force that would allow her to do that, as if they just redirect the model before they start the strike animation. That was ok in 2d but it looks wierd in 3d.

The "slow" animation show her jump up and twist in the air, although she do not complete a full twist, but stop halfway through to strike. Realistically, she should have continued the full turn until the ground stops the movement again. Again it looks like they just redirected her before a strike.

Overall the spinner animation just looks silly, unneccessary and out of place atm. Sera do not actually need to take off the ground since doing so would by normal consequences have you killed. Have you ever seen Jet Li or Jackie Chan keep jumping right up in the air for no reason?

You can see that they are not really used to 3d games that have a greater demand to upkeep the illusion that what we see is "real".
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