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December 30th, 2006, 14:13
In all fairness it should be mentioned that the 2 most difficult things to get "right" in computer animation are the eyes and gravity. I'm not talking about ragdoll physics but the actual impacts that gravity have on the physical world (e.g. what's the visual difference between a 50 kg woman jumping 1 meter up into the air and a 150 kg man doing the same) …

But JemyM does have a point: The videos provided are not the best examples of seamless integration of animated characters in the world environment. However, there are mitigating circumstances that might apply to these vidoes. First of all: the spinning attack could be a "special attack"/skill (I can't remember what it is called in Sacred) which would explain the "needless" jumping show-off like maneuver. Second of all: Sacred 2 is still a work in progress which could explain the somewhat disjointed move from one animation sequence to the other (e.g. first attack is towards the top of the screen and the next attack is towards to bottom of the screen and somehow the Seraphim has to turn around between attacks but without breaking the pace of the attacks hence the "floating" over the ground issue) …

But then again, I might just be leaking hot air …


aboyd: Interesting ideas but there are 2 major obstacles in the way of them coming to fruition:

1) It requires a LOT of innovation and huge cojones to walk so far from the beaten path that it will be VERY difficult to find funding/publishers for such a project the way the industry works today (i.e. the EA ethos: Why buy a new horse when you can still beat the one you already have).

2) What you're describing sounds very interesting in a PnP environment where only the imagination sets the limits but in a computer environment the boundaries are very different and it ultimately comes down to what is the computer able to do and what can't be done, at least not yet. The simple factor that a computer can NOT adapt to the current situation like a human mind can do (at least not until proper Artificial Intelligence becomes a reality) makes the possible gameplay elements rather limited and the dialogue driven experience you're describing is simply not a viable option … yet.
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