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December 30th, 2006, 20:23
Sounds terrible, like it's all the 'evil' path again.

One quest has you deciding the fate of a group of adventurers who have strayed into a dungeon in search of great riches. You, along with one of Sheogoraths minions get to decide the fate of said adventurers, as Sheogorath has already decided that they are to die. You can kill them outright, or use traps and illusions within the dungeons to drive them insane (ie the adventurers see a locked cage filled with unimaginable riches - you can opt to electrify the cage, killing anyone who touches it, walk in and kill them yourself, or drop thousands of key in the room, driving them insane as they search for the real one).
how is that a choice? So you can kill them, kill them, or kill them, in various different ways. Letting them live or helping them escape, does not seem an option.

Nah, not interested, Bethesda can keep their expansion.
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