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January 2nd, 2007, 00:19
I was using PS:T as one example, but obviously it had a lot of elements that few rpgs then or now have. I would be quite happy to see a modern version of the Might and Magic series--don't tell me the dialogue would be too hard to develop for that one-- ---or some of the older games I've never had the opportunity to play, like the Gold Box series and Darklands.

**begin rant**
Studios and publishers spend plenty of money on codswallop like Dungeon Seige, KOTOR and Dark Messiah because they perceive one market and one audience only, and because they think if they do not target the casual gamer, do not cross over on five different console platforms, they are not justifying their expenditures to the boardroom.
**end rant**

Don't get me started

I'm not demeaning these games or people who enjoy these games--I just feel it perfectly possible that these same people might enjoy other games equally if they were allowed to choose them.

Bottom line: there is more than one way to turn a profit. Niche audiences also spend money, and cult classics cross over into bigger markets. Take a little risk and produce a good enough product, and you will make money, if that's the big goal of everything on the planet.

Weapon, sorry you didn't enjoy TQ--I know I get overly enthusiastic when I first start a game. I may find it less compelling after a month or two. But it's keeping me up late and liking it at the moment.
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