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January 3rd, 2007, 12:12
As always, a well-written and thorough article Dhruin! Overall, the last year has been a huge dissapointment for me RPG-wise despite the relatively high number of releases, I hope things will change for the better this year.

Some of the titles I'm looking forward to:

1) Dragon Age
Will Bioware succeed in capturing the magic of the old classics in this party-based CRPG?

2) Elveon
The combat videos look really cool!

3) Locki
Enough with orcs and elves!

4) Gothic 3 expansion
With better physics, lots of dialogues and women!

5) [Slot open]
Will someone make a good sci-fi CRPG for PC plz!!!

Titles I will never consider:

1) Any Oblivion expansions
Beth has tricked me for the last time!

2) Any NWN2 expansions
Let's just say I have had enough.
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