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January 3rd, 2007, 21:03
Great article and it pretty much sums up my sentiments. I still look back on 2006 with a bit of disappointment, even though if you had told me in January that Oblivion, Gothic 3, and NWN 2 would all be released, I would have been ecstatic. All of them just weren't what I had hoped for, but for completely different reasons. Oblivion's level scaling was such a deep and fundamental flaw for me that I doubt I'll ever pick it up again, even with its expansion packs. Gothic 3 runs like ass on my system and the combat is just too tedious. NWN2 might be my favorite, but it was lacking in a couple of areas.

I hope that there's going to be a NWN 2 expansion pack. I would love to have a new 50-60 hour adventure with the reformed interface and with less linearity. All of the tools are in place. I'm hoping to see The Witcher this year too. After that, 2007 looks like a pretty lean year for PC RPG's again.
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