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January 4th, 2007, 09:22
Originally Posted by abbaon View Post
Can we extend this analogy to the price at retail, and conclude that publishers won't fund RPGs because their fans expect five star fare at mass-market prices?

(I have less glib answers I could give, but without data to support my interpretation, or yours, or anyone else's, I don't see much purpose to speculating on publishers' motives.)
Glib, but not necessarily incorrect. : ) Still, when I go to an expensive restaurant I am obviously expecting to pay a higher price for something I perceive as worth it.

I know I sound a bit strident on this issue, and I know they're all, even the best of them --just games. A way to pass some time, a minor escape from the grim realities of the so-called real world…If people have fun playing Oblivion or Barbie's Dream Mansion, that's a good thing. I just dislike the tendency of our time to focus on the concept that money = success. If a game like PS:T only sells 75,000 copies, it's considered a lost cause to make a similar game.

I don't think the best things are created solely out of a desire to make money. I think they are born out of talent and inspiration, and are primarily gifts that are given to the future, and appreciated by those less talented and gifted. Art, literature, music, film- even games.

That said, I also have high hopes for 2007, especially from the smaller publishers and the indies. The torch will be passed on, I have no doubt.
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