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January 4th, 2007, 14:54
@Corwin- yeah, but you played an earlier build before the last test so you had some clues how to proceed.

@magerette- your "production passion" model overlooks a critical factor- the chain between artist/creator and enduser is too long. Most projects are works of passion for the creator and perhaps even the next link in the chain (usually some sort of financial backer), but by the time you go thru production and distribution it's just another SKU in WalMart's inventory system. This is the only advantage I see to indie projects; the creator often markets directly to the enduser resulting in a greater transfer of the passion of creation. I know some part of my passion for Wiz8 comes from the board contact I/fans had with Brenda and Charles. Same for some of the bands I get enthused about.

@Dhruin- excellent article as always. Looking forward to part 2.
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