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January 4th, 2007, 21:44
You can select quests that will provide a benefit to one side or the other and your choices will affect the world around you. Kick the invaders out of a village and you’ll find that the locals will return and bring the village back to life. Aid the orcs and you’ll find yourself hated and reviled by your fellow humans. Unfortunately the system which is the game’s greatest asset is plagued by a fundamental design flaw. If you stick with one side exclusively, then the other will eventually despise you to the point where they’ll attack you on sight. The problem is that you must complete quests from both sides to finish the game, and it is impossible to get quests from people who want to see you dead. Since there’s no way to get back in the good graces with the side you’ve angered you’re pretty much stuck. You righteous slayers of oppressive invaders will find that your noble intentions will keep you from fishing the game.
I haven't finished G3 (not even close to finishing actually) so I'll ask here… is it true what the reviewer says that if you side totally with the orcs or totally with the humans that you cannot finish the game?

Because in my game I've been favoring the human cause 100% so far. The orcs still don't attack me on sight, but eventually they will if I keep this up.
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