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January 5th, 2007, 00:24
What I actually don't like at all is that "customer binding" they try to do. Develop great games to bind gamers to MY platform !

It began with directx, which put the race between OS/2 (remembery, anyone ? It's called eComStation nowadays) and Windows to an end - in terms of gaming.

The thought is clear yet effective : Gamers are the first people buying hardware they need - and the more demanding a game is, the more they are going to buy !

So … directx bings both programmer and customer to the platform : The programmer by offering him an really easy way to program things (well, at least in SOME respect), anf gamers because they actually NEED directx as a run-time or they simply won't be able to run the game !

It's like giving drugs for free : The fisrt shots are free, but then the need arises.

Microsoft gives away directx to programmers to build great games with great features (not to forget great graphics), and these games ussing directx actually force the gamer to use windows as the preferred platform, because neither Linux nor OS/2 have directx, or something similar.

It's nothing else as a really long-term marketing decision to bing both customers and priogrammers, and in the end mostly customers.
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