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October 19th, 2006, 16:14
Things never to forget:

Save early, save often, and save in more than one slot
Talk to everyone with a name.
Always remember you can't do every quest you get immediately. Come back later when you are stronger.
When you must go to a new area, try to find an escort.
Try to do as much as possible before joining a guild. Then make a special save you can re-use later instead of having to start over again.

I normally chose to be the hunting apprentice, which changes what i do early on. I avoid killing any animals until I get skinning. If ya gotta kill something, you might as well get something out of it right? Also there are two nice DEX based swords in the game you can get early. I train DEX and use one of these sword as soon as I can. Combat becomes much easier then. Later, after you decide what guild you want to play as, you can start training the proper skill(s). Just remember you don't "lose" the LP spent on DEX since it is used for many skills. There are a thousand spoilers i could give you, but not today lol. But here are a few:

Don't buy any armor, you can steal leather armor as soon as you reach Khorinis from Matteo's storehouse(go to the bacl of it, climb up on the wall, jump to the roof, and walk around to the storehouse). Then you can go back outside and give the farmers clothes to Greg.

The first nice DEX based sword is in the area where the ship is. After you have alot of cash you can buy the Master sword from the paladin merchant just outside the ship area. I can't think of his name, but you only get ONE chance to buy it, so have a shitload of cash before talking to him. You should make a save before talking to him and find out if you have enough money. Reload if you don't.

With the stolen armor and pirate's sabre and a little DEX, you should be able to defend yourself early in the game. Good luck.
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