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January 5th, 2007, 02:35
I think the reviewer is right to the extent, since the game throws you into killing Orcs imeadatly and never really Explains or Gives reason to think you should consider playing along till you find out whats going on, since they start you off slaughtering.
The only real poorly worded (maybe translation) is from Deigo when you return from Lester, certianly new people to the franchise won't understand this is actually a very complex world.
Considering the bugs and broken quest, Plus not knowing nor ever given any indication Freeing Towns will cause you to be Kill on Sight is very possible to break the main quest, so yes this could happen, imo.

KoS is a real problem for me as how would another Orc in another town have a clue?
You can easliy think out your stratigy to Freeing a town and not allowing anyone to escape.
Hell, I have played each Gothic game maybe 10 times each with the exception of NotR which is 3 not more than 4, and I had no idea about it and had to start over because of this problem.
So while it might not break for everyone it defiantly could screw things up pretty bad, well bad enough to take the fun out of it, which is very bad.
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