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January 5th, 2007, 12:02
Having started gaming in the early 80s, I know what it means to be a gamer in a multiplatform era. Let me tell you, it's not advantageous to the passionate gamer.

I would much rather have a single unified platform to game on, than I would want to split it up between multiple operating systems, not to mention hardware platforms.

Sure, Windows used to be a pretty crappy OS, and indeed I consider XP the first reasonable system they put out. But fans of Linux, OS/2, Mac OS, are blinded by old hatreds they can't shed. Sure, certain features are present in those that aren't in Windows, and the same can be said in reverse. If you think demonstrating bugs in an OS is hard, perhaps you should consider the context. Windows is run by so many people, the amount of bugs found is greater naturally. I have no emotional investment in an OS, believe me. But I still managed to crash two version of Linux without even trying, and running a shell-based system with minimal software with stability isn't too impressive, really.

Windows is the only choice for gamers, and it will only help us get the most games with the least hassle. It could have been any OS, and I wouldn't give a crap, but it just happens to be the system of choice for developers. Fighting it based on inept observations and emotional investment will only hurt gamers in the end.




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