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January 5th, 2007, 14:22
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
You shouldnīt say such a thing. Every successful RPG is good for the genre. Even if itīs only a Diablo clone. Plus Iīm pretty sure a couple of Armalion developers stayed to form Studio 2.
Well, I was argueing from the point of view of someeone who is just disappointed that the remains of a full-blown "real" RPG was re-built inti an action thing, no matter for which reasons.

A think only very few people really noticed is, that Ascaron AT FIRST *really* had planned to continue the development of the "Armalion" game !

During the course of time, German magazines couldn't stop comparing it with Blizzards games (German mags are notorious for measuering EVERY RPG with either Baldur's Gate OR Blizzards Action-RPGs !), and at one certain point Ascaron changed the mind.

My theory is, that a) Ascaron broke down under the pressure set up by the constant and neverending comparison with D2 and LOD, or b) that comparison actually brought the people of Ascaron to the idea of developing an Action-RPG instead (which could - if succeeed - mean a LOT of cash !).

This is the point of view I'm argueing from.
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