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January 6th, 2007, 04:18
Personally, I would say I like Gothic 3 more despite the release condition and other issues. I find it perfectly playable - just terribly unpolished.*

However, while I think it would be reasonable for a CRPG site such as ourselves to name Gothic as GotY, I think any mainstream site like GameSpy would be out of their minds to choose it - it just has too many issues for the average gamer. I would also argue (despite not being that big a fan) that Oblivion was one of (if not the) most polished and bug-free major CRPG release I can recall.

*"Polish" is an interesting thing. For example, Gothic 3 has weak combat but you can left-click-spam-fest through a lot of it. Does that make the combat any worse than a game where that sort of combat is expected, such as Diablo? It has some dodgy animations and graphical issues…but does that make it worse than a game that started with lower graphical standards in the first place…say, a Spiderweb game, which I perfectly enjoy?
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