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January 6th, 2007, 14:36
There is a reason I don't frequent Codex afterall. I enjoyed his year in review somewhat - but the endless negativity gets old. This board has spiralled into the same pig headed negativity Codex suffers from. We would all like RPG's to be complex, consequential and free ranging but not every game will be. That doesnt mean everything sucks and nothing is fun. Its a GAME, most of the flawed games are still quite fun.

The negative pattern here and at Codex is just plain tiresome. Repeat after me:
- Oblivion sux. Every news item on it needs to get trashed.
- Gothic 3 is amazing. Any reviewer who disagrees is a moron.
- Bethesda is at fault for all RPG shortcomings, global conflict and world hunger.

Following the strict RPGWatch/Codex formula outlined above, Project Grey clearly fell victim to Bethesda.
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