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January 6th, 2007, 17:34
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
"like a slash-fest without consequences rather than an RPG"

That doesn't make any sense.
Isn't an RPG by definition an event where you play the role of your choice?
If someone wants it to be a slash-fest for whatever reason, there shouldn't be anything preventing them from playing it that way.

Whether or not that makes any sense depends on your definition of "role-playing game." You're approaching the subject with the idea that "role-playing" means you play whatever role you choose for yourself. Others claim "role-playing" means you are acting out a role that the developers intended/ designed. Still others say the definition of "role-playing" is putting yourself in the role. This is a debate that will wage for eternity, and I'm not faulting your stance, just pointing out that your idea might NOT be what the developers had in mind. Therefore what seems to be "flawed" in your eyes may not actually be so.

"Role-playing" to me is usually putting myself (what I would do in real life) in the role. Fortunately for me, the Gothic series caters to my way of thinking very well, perhaps that is why I'm so fond of them. I usually try to take the middle ground, being peaceable with as many factions as possible until one faction's motive becomes fully justified in my mind. While this method of play is certainly not for everyone, at least I never suffer from broken quests because of killing/pissing off the wrong people.
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